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“I do things differently” ™

Client Relations - A Personal Touch

A Winning Attorney Who Cares About Clients

I use the word “I” a lot. That’s because I will be the only person handling your case. No secretary, paralegal, legal assistant, law student, first year attorney or any other attorney will be handling your case.
I will be the only one handling your case.

I Even Answer My Own Telephone!

Tired of being forced to go through lengthy recorded messages and countless button pushing to get to a live person while trying to reach an attorney? When you finally do get a live person, it is usually a receptionist, then you get handed off to a secretary, and then to an assistant, and finally if you are lucky, you get to speak to an attorney. I answer my own telephones. Yes, you read that correctly! I answer my own telephones. If I am out of the office, in court or meeting with clients, you can call me on my cell phone. You don’t have to try to go through several layers of people to try to get to me. You simply call me on my office telephones or my cell phone. You will be able to reach me because I answer my own telephones.

“I do things differently”™ as a lawyer because client relations are truly important to me, because my clients are important to me. Without them, you would not be reading this page because I'd have no law office.


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